Toll free 1800 number in Educational Institute

How customer can use the toll free

Toll free numbers are being used in a conventional way i.e call is being answered by the representative for the details. We can focus on the institutes offering foundation courses in preparation of IIT (JEE) , CPMT etc.  Here the idea is to make a toll free service fully automated via integrating an IVR, through this parents can get the details of their ward like  attendance, Marks scored in the various subjects etc. This concept has a broader spectrum of application amongst the institutes.

Benefits they will get:

In India out of 10 students 8 wants to be either a doctor or engineer, understanding this point n number of coaching institutes are running almost in every city and town.  This service could help those institute to stand on a higher platform than the other, due to stiffness in market its very important to facilitate their students as well as parents as there survival depends on that.

To implement this the policy to educate them is helpful to promote the services.

Example: Zinc Institute (Gorakhpur).

Author: Avneesh Shukla