Toll Free 1800 number in NGOs

Non-governmental organizations working for public services. Many public service institutions, is helping the poor and helpless peoples. helpless peoples in the millions of population are still crying for help. ngo’s listen to the cries of help and present some helpline services in front of those peoples, like: 1800 helpline number. Among the population to find the poorand disadvantaged people its a really very hard job, where 1800 number a very effective way to achieve success in thistask.
We take the example of poor childrens. So many children in need of aid and assistance. Ngo’s work for the protection of the rights of all children in general. But their special focus is on all children in need of care and protection, especially the more vulnerable sections, which include:

1: Street children and youth living alone on the streets
2: Child labourers working in the unorganised and organized sectors
3: Domestic help, especially girl domestics
4: Children affected by physical / sexual / emotional abuse in family, schools or institutions.
5: Children who need emotional support and guidance
6: Children of commercial sex workers
7: Child victims of the flesh trade
8: Victims of child trafficking
9: Children abandoned by parents or guardians
10: Missing children
11: Run away children
12: Children who are victims of substance abuse
13: Differently-abled children
14: Children in conflict with the law
15: Children in institutions
16: Mentally challenged children
17: HIV/ AIDS infected children
18: Children affected by conflict and disaster
19: Child political refugees
20: Children whose families are in crises

Example :

1: CHILDLINE India Foundation
2: The Akshaya Patra Foundation

How they use a Toff-free number : 

The CHILDLINE team receives & responds to the calls Crisis Intervention.

Direct assistance: medical, shelter, protection from abuse, repatriation, death, missing children, intensive counselling

On phone: Emotional support and guidance, information and referral to services for the caller, information about CHILDLINE, silent calls

After the emergency needs of the child have been addressed, CHILDLINE explores options with the child to study, learn a trade, go back home etc. Based on the decision of the child, CHILDLINE links the child to an appropriate organisation in the city.

Childline launched the country’s first toll-free tele-helpline for street children has grown into a national child protection service that operates in over 73 cities and towns in India. In 10 years, CHILDLINE has received 9.6 million calls on toll-free number from children in need of care and protection from across the country.

1800 Toll-free, I believe this type of feature should be used in all the institutions.

Author: Ashish Saxena