Toll Free and IVR Simplified in Just 7 Sentences!


  • Toll free numbers are the virtual numbers that are absolutely free for the callers whether they call from a mobile phone, land line or skype. They can call free on these virtual numbers from any geographic locations (excluding overseas) and from any network. Owners of these numbers have to pay for these incoming calls as per the plan they have selected.
  • These numbers are just virtual numbers which do not require any set up. These numbers can ring or forward to the local number specified by you it could be your existing land line number or any cell phone.
  • To get toll free number activated on your existing equipment, you do not have to make any changes to your present number.
  • Toll free numbers that spell the name of your company is a “Vanity Number.” The pricing of these numbers is no different. But these alphanumeric numbers or any particular sequential series cost you more because they are easy to memorise and hence tend to increase the response rates. These numbers are used during the advertising campaigns.
  • Toll free numbers are portable. So, if you plan to move your business to another state, you can do without changing your number. Also, you can switch to a new service provider any time.
  • The pre-recorded voice that is played when you dial a toll free number is called IVR. With the touch of  your phone’s keypad, the voice directs you to reach your destination point.
  • When you purchase a toll free number from an operator then you do not get the facilities like IVR and neither you get the the facilities like calls logs and call forwarding etc. So, it is always better to buy from a cloud telephony service provider to let you manage your calls much more efficiently.

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