Toll Free Number Cost

Getting a toll free 1800 number was never easy before Ziffy jumped into this market. Before us cloud telephony providers and mobile operators were selling a Toll Free 1800 number for Rs 10,000 per month, which is now dropped to Rs 3000 or less.

But at Ziffy we don’t think this is the right pricing for a Toll Free number and hence we are constantly working to bring down the prices and will try our best to get the rates at par with Mobile telephony, where you pay less rental and call charges.

In line of these efforts we are reducing the cost of toll free numbers to Rs 1100/- per month and we are also offering call rates less than of your mobile telephony i.e. 80 paise per minute on a toll free number.

We want every business to have a toll free number and a recognisable brand through it.

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