Toll Free Number for E-commerce sites

What is e commerce?

E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet.
Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular examples of ecommerce. Sellers create storefronts that are the online equivalents of retail outlets. Buyers browse and purchase products with mouse clicks.
Most small business startup books recommend that you obtain a 1800 number for your business, especially if you are running an eCommerce store.
But these days, long distance calling is mostly free or extremely cheap. In today’s age of 1800 number really a needful.Should encouraging more customers to contact your business via phone rather than going online to make a purchase be one of your goals

Why e commerce companies use toll free number?

  1. Announce a new product
  2. Showcase your Website
  3. Promote a sale
  4. Announce new online payment options
  5. Spotlight new product lines or distributors

Why customers calls on toll free number?

Customers wants to know more about online products.
Customer call on toll free number because he wants help for payment option
Customer save their time to purchase online product .
Customer call on toll free number because he wants to know about new offers and sale.

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