Toll Free Number For Real Estate Companies


Real estate is a tough business and every day 10 or more brokers coming in your way blocking every deal you are hoping to materialise.

When competition is high, margins automatically drops, and every paisa matters for you and your customers.

The best way to beat your competition to show your customers that you care and saving them every paisa you could along with giving them world class services and nothing can beat Toll-Free numbers for starters.

With Ziffy, you are not only getting a toll-free number, which is going to give your brand a very professional look, but also will give you world class infrastructure to effectively manage your incoming leads.

You might have seen many newspaper ads where your competitors have given their ads with a bunch of numbers to contact them or even you might have given the same ads but the biggest problem with those ads are

  1. You cannot track your professional and personal call on those numbers.
  2. You cannot know how many calls you missed when you were on the call with your other customer.
  3. You can not call back your leads because you have no data, or you forgot to note the number when you were driving.
  4. You will completely lose the leads because your mobile number was not reachable.

Ziffy helps you to mitigate all those issues by offering cloud-based telephony, where you can upgrade your resources on the fly whenever you required them, for example, when you are running a radio ad.

The benefits of going with Ziffy are:

  1. You will get a single number nationwide, which can handle up to 6000 calls at a time.
  2. Calls can be forwarded to hundreds of different people.
  3. Automatic call handling with auto attendant will give you a very professional look.
  4. No more busy tone to your callers.
  5. All calls on the number will be free for the caller.
  6. 100% call logs in real time, which you can use for re-marketing.
  7. You can record calls held between your agent/broker and the customer for future reference.

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