Toll Free Numbers 1800 Vs Local Numbers

Toll Free Numbers VS Local Numbers

Business phone number can be a local number or toll-free number or both. Decision depends on what is best suited for your business. Based upon your audience choice and business clients – you can choose the way to connect with your customers. Before proceeding with the measurement of pros and cons of local phone number and Toll Free Number choice, let us understand them better.

A toll free number is a number that allows your customers to call you with no charge to them and the owner of the number pays for the fees. Toll free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line.Toll free numbers are very common and have proven successful for businesses. Toll free service provides potential customers and others with a “free” and convenient way to contact businesses. Toll Free Numbers are easy to remember catchy for your businesses willing to build-up a stable international presence. It gives a unique and established image of your business which helps in creating a strong presence of your business.

Everyone in the business world understands the significance of getting closer to the customers. These Local numbers help businesses to establish local business presence and develop a more easy-to-reach image that gives a quick and angel turnaround for your business clients. The main feature (or drawback) of a local business number is that it betrays the size and scope of your business.

Local numbers have advantages for local advertising campaigns, and national toll free numbers are more prestigious for brand promotion. Through toll free numbers it will be easy for you to maintain Data and Call Records and will be easy for your Clients to Contact you because your Clients no need to pay anything for the Call. If you’re up against larger competitors or have plans to expand, you’re better off with the professional image and scalability of a toll free number.

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