Toll free 1800 in Travel and Hospitality Industries

Local, national, international, people everywhere are always looking for a great new place to vacation and they will typically start their search on the web.Toll free number allows you to expand your client base nationwide, and provide improved customer service by making it possible for everyone to call you for free.Promote a Nationwide company allows customers from all over the country to contact you. If your number has a local prefix, customers may assume that you serve that local area only. Toll-free numbers make your business seem more accessible to everyone. In the past, toll free numbers required hardware installation and costly service bills each month to maintain it, toll free numbers are now affordable to everyone.Create a Professional Business Image also.

Why customer can call on toll free number of tour & travel companies?
  1. Customer can call because he wants to know about weekend promotions about tour packages
  2. Customer can call on toll free number because  he wants to know about popular travel destination and rates for complete packages.
  3. Company announce offer plans for customers time to time, regarding this customer can call on toll free number.
  4. Customer can call on toll free number regarding thier bookings for holiday package.
  5. Mostly tour and travel companies have multiple branches, we can connect multiple branches with one toll free number.
  6. Obtaining a toll-free number can also make your company seem more professional

Why tours & travel companies use toll free number?

  1.  Announce a weekend promotion
  2. Spotlight a new travel destination
  3. Highlight travel advisories and provide tips for travelers
  4. Promote events in popular travel destinations
  5. Announce new tours or travel options
  6. Increase Results of Advertising
  7. Create a Professional Business Image
  8. Operate a Business from Anywhere a toll free number allows consumers to have incoming calls to the toll free line forwarded to the phone number of their choice.(mobile number or land line number)
Author: Neharika Monga