Top 5 Ways Cloud Telephony Helps Your Business Grow


Does the term “Cloud Telephony” rings an unfamiliar tune to your ears? Have you heard people saying that this is going to benefit your business but do not know how? Well! No matter how big or small your business may be, switching to clouds is a sure shot way to get a cost effective and flexible communication solution.

Cost Efficiency: How?

What have you been using for handling business calls? Land line, cell phones or PBX? Whatever equipment you may be using one thing is for sure that you end up in paying hefty bills. Don’t you? That apart, you tend to come across a range of technical problems and have to pay huge maintenance costs in each case.

Cloud telephony does not require any hardware installation. As the service is hosted by the vendor on your behalf, you have to pay only what you need. The technical and maintenance issues are looked after by the vendor.

High Flexibility: How?

You can either retain your existing numbers or get new numbers. You also have the flexibility to obtain the number of your choice and above all your service plan can be customized as per your needs and budget.

Productivity: How?

Productivity increases obviously because Cloud Telephony puts you in a complete control of your system. Not only this, you will be given a wide range of call management and handling features that can be operated with the help of easy-to-use interface.

What else? You can record both inbound and outbound calls that can be recorded for audit purpose, for customer service and for compliance. With the help of personalized settings you can handle multiple calls efficiently. You can track the important details like call history, recorded calls and voice mails.

You are Present 24X7 Hours and Everywhere: How?

With the help of Cloud Telephony you can integrate your fixed and mobile capabilities in such a way that you cannot miss even a single call.  Receiving all the details of missed calls make you available 24X7. Call forwarding feature enables your staff to be available everywhere.

Reliability Under all Circumstances: How?

Even under the events like floods and snow, service would not get disrupted. You can take and make calls under all circumstances. You can port the number in case you need to change the geographical location of your office.

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