Top IVR Service Providers In India

Before you start exploring the best IVR service providers in India, lets discuss what is IVR and how it can be beneficial for your business in a very short statements.

IVR is Interactive Voice Response system deployed on a telephony platform generally phone lines are connected to a server (EPABX) and all calls are first handled by the server, which plays an interactive audio system to get the inputs from the caller and depending upon the caller’s input perform some tasks.

Who can use an IVR system?

Any company can use an IVR system for their business if they want fewer drop-offs of the calls due to unavailability of agents, working hours or want to automate the tasks like informing the caller about their due amount.

Some industries, which uses IVR the most are Real-estate, Medical, Banks, Marketing, Software or customer support centers.

So, who are the best IVR service providers in India on Cloud Telephony platform?

Here is the list of the best IVR service providers in India in reverse alphabetical order because why should “Z” come always at the bottom of the list? 🙂

This list only contains companies who provide hosted solution with their own infrastructure. We have omitted resellers from this list for better quality.

Tata Teleservices
IMI Mobile

If you have more in mind then do not feel shy to tell us. We will update the list as more and more companies foray into this.

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