Understanding the Cost of Toll Free Numbers


Your business thrives on the feedback you receive from your customers and the feedback is received mainly through telecommunication. Agreed? Exempting customers from charges is one of the wonderful ways to make them reach you frequently with their queries. Toll free numbers were seen as an effective way to take feedback. However, in the beginning they were not cost effective and people used stay away from them. It was at that time, cell phones hit the masses with their lesser long distance charges and the cost of toll free numbers had gone down.

Calls That You Make Are Actually Free? If Yes, How and Who Pays?

Dialing to a toll free number means you would be exempted from the charges, no matter what! As soon as you dial a toll free number it is recognized by its 1800 prefix. This promotes the customers to query the SCP or Service Control Point (SCP) that has all the routing instructions you have requested. This way, subscribers are charged and not the callers and hence toll free numbers are absolutely free for the callers irrespective of their geographical locations and the device they call from.

Is There Extra or Hidden Costs for the Subscribers?

As discussed earlier too, it is always better to do a market research prior to subscribing a toll free number. Yes, there are vendors that design lucrative packages that seem to be tempting enough with a lot of offers. But, there are hidden charges which come to fore only when they are billed. So, beware of the term free and do inquire before you purchase.

What All You Get?

Plans are customized as per your requirements. So, it is more important to know your requirement first as select a plan as per your usage. When you purchase a toll free number, you are provided with a CRM or Customer Relationship Management panel that helps you monitor, analyze or track calls. So, to get the best value and to use toll free numbers optimally you should make use of it.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers: Are They Worth It?

Yes you must! If you do not have financial constraints, they are worth it. These numbers helps build your brand and let you gain a large scale exposure. These alphanumeric toll free numbers that can spell your business or brand cost you more but they are worth putting your money on.


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