What is the cost of getting Toll Free number in India?

“Cost” is the value of money required to fulfill or deliver a service. Getting a Toll Free number in India is not an expensive fair because there are many telecom service providers (TSPs) and Cloud Telephony service providers in India (CTSP) are in the race to offer the services.

However, not all are the same. While a TSP can give you a Toll Free number for as low as Rs 750 per month but that’s not all the cost you are going to pay.

The cost of ownership for owning a Toll-Free number is very different from what you paid for procuring the Toll Free number from telecom service providers as there are many components are in play.

For example, say you are planning to buy a Toll Free number from BSNL, which offers a TFN for as low as Rs 1,000 per month. But, apart from the rental, you are going to pay the call charges for the incoming calls, rental for the phone numbers on which you want to receive your Toll Free number.

Let’s calculate the Cost of Ownership here for say two thousand minutes per month usage on a toll free number.

Toll Free Rental: Rs 1,000
Call Rate / Minute: Rs 2.2 (National & Local)
Two Phone Numbers: Rs 149 x 2 = Rs 298
Usage Charges: Rs 2.2 x 2000
Total Monthly Cost (CoO) = Rs 5,698 + GST (18%) = Rs 6,724/- per month

As you can see a Rs 1,000 rental plan will cost you Rs 6,724 per month if you calculate the total cost of ownership for that service.

Worry not! You are not entirely out of luck as there is a cut-throat competition in the market between cloud telephony service providers who will give you the services at the same monthly rental but with lots of other benefits.

For example, if you take a Toll Free number from Ziffy (which is India’s largest cloud telephony service provider for Toll Free numbers) you will also get IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, along with huge call benefits and cost control features like Blacklisting, Whitelisting, Holiday Mode and Working Hours to name a few.

If you need more details on how can you get a toll free number for your business with minimum cost than feel free to contact us.

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