What Value Added Services You Get With Toll Free Numbers?


Keeping customers at the heart of corporate strategy is a sure-fire way to thrive. A regular feedback from the customers is no lesser than a boon for you. Whether it is about generating leads or serving customers better by listening to or responding to their needs, businesses all across the world make use of toll free numbers.

You exempt your customers from being charged and earn their goodwill in turn. They can make you call free of charge from far and wide all across the nation. Let us see what all you get along with a toll free number that help organizing your business better.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

More popularly known as Virtual Receptionist, IVR directs your callers to the designated departments. This value added service saves manpower (you can do away with telephone operator/real receptionist) and it is twice as effective to the error-prone manpower. Not only this, it also creates a positive brand image of your business having multiple departments even if you are virtual with hardly any physical existence.

Missed Call Alerts:

With the help of this value added service you cannot miss a single lead and get all the details of the calls (which are shown in the CRM panel). You can track those calls then.

CRM Panel:

CRM Panel is the soul of any toll free number as with the help of this panel you can track, monitor and analyse all the incoming calls. With the help of this panel, you can know at what particular time of the day, maximum number of clients are reaching you. This helps you in boosting sales. You can also check all the billing details on the panel.
Call Forwarding and Call Logs:
Regardless of the fact that your staff remains in the office or in the field, you will be able to forward calls to them using this feature. With the help of call log feature, you can keep track of all the unanswered, answered and missed calls.In short, you get all that is required to manage call influx efficiently. This in turn, saves money, resources and you would be able to organize your business better. Subscribing to a toll free number means, owning a number that gives you the best value pay for.

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