Why Call Drops Rate is Higher in India? How Would You Save Your Business?

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Considering the fact that even in the present era of Smart phones 80% of the revenue is still generated from the voice segment, you can better imagine how badly call drop issue can hurt the telecom industry.

India is the second largest telecom market in the world. It has over a billion subscribers and hence it is a giant market for the telcos across the atlas. However, inferior quality of network, lack of the latest technology, fragmented spectrum, financial burden on the market players are responsible for call drop issues.

TRAI has set the call drop benchmark at 2% as 100% call retention is next to impossible. As per a recently conducted survey, there is a two-fold increase in call drops on 2G networks and almost 65% on 3G networks. The call drop rates in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi is the highest. Let us explore the reasons behind these frustrating call drops and find the right solution.

Fragmented Spectrum:

In India, frequency allocation is fragmented and individual operators hold only small chunks. The average spectrum available with the operators in India is just 13-15 MHZ. This is abysmally low when compared to 60-100 MHZ in China. India has just 0.1 MHZ spectrum per million of its population and European countries have 3-6 MHZ.

Debt Burden:

Due to high price of the spectrum and infrastructure, the debt burden on telcos rose to 3.5 trillion. Apart from that, telcos also pay a major share that is almost 25% of their revenues as tax. Owing to this debt burden, the market players are reluctant to upgrade technology and infrastructure.

Strict Regulations:

In India, the radiation norms are much more restrictive. Limitations put on the capability of towers to serve a large number of subscribers and the towers being sealed in all the major cities due to health concerns are responsible for a high call drop rate. That apart illegal jammers on which telcos have no control makes the scenario worse.

As long as poor network infrastructure in India does not improve, 100% call retention will be no more than a day dream. However, you can still save your business by making communication hassle-free for your customers. Subscribe to a toll free number and get all the ins and outs of who all have called you throughout the day. Let call drop rates not affect your business adversely.


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