Why Cloud PBX is a New Itinerary For Call Centers These Days?


Owing to multi-dimensional pressure which is caused either by the changing compliance frameworks or by the bewildering service level agreements, call centers always look out for software solutions. No wonder, why Cloud PBX has become a rage. More call centers than ever today are eying Cloud telephony because of high scalability, flexibility, security and cost effectiveness. But there is much more than what meets the eyes. Let us see why Cloud PBX has become indispensable for your business rather than just a matter of choice.

Operational Efficiency: How A Cloud PBX Increases it?

Call routing, call screening, automatic call distribution, call screening, call tracking and a lot more. These features tend to increase the operational efficiency. Tracking of calls is important not for maintaining the quality of services but for the security reasons also. Call tracking software ensures that your customers get the right resolution that they look for. This is a great way to get the customers satisfied by and large.

Calls of the Agents Can Be Recorded:

Call recording is another great feature of cloud telephony. The software is capable of capturing details like name of the agent, date, Caller-ID, DNIS, file size etc. The recorded files can then accessed over the Internet anywhere and can be downloaded to the local drive for future reference.

Know the Status of Call Queues:

Knowing the status of call queues is no more a problem. With virtual numbers knowing the status of queues is made easy. Call managers are able to see whether the agents are active, on hold or idle. Not only this, watching out whether the agents are adhering to the SLA laid down by their clients or not.

Fly-Call Recording: What is this? How it Helps?

Fly-call recording is the feature provided to record calls for the quality purposes. This enables the agent to know how they sounded on the calls, where they went wrong and whether they need improvement.

Increasing operational efficiency and productivity becomes all the more easy with the Cloud PBX. Imagine a situation when all the telecom needs of your company is catered proficiently and you do not miss even a single call! So, due to the reasons apparent, an increasing number of call centers have trashed the old traditional PBX and have switched to the clouds.

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