Why CRM is required with Cloud Telephony?

The human mind is an exceptional creation of the god. It can store tons of data and can retrieve it in a matter of microseconds.

Do you know how much data a human mind can store?

Most computational neuroscientists tend to believe that a human mind can store somewhere around 1 TB to 100 TB and could go up to 2.5 Peta Bytes of data (1TB is equal to about 1,000 GB or about 1 million MBs; a petabyte (PB) is approximately 1,000 TB.), and that’s around 300 years worth of TV shows.

While our long term memory is virtually limitless (unless you measure in Computational terms), our short-term or ‘working’ memory has a much, much smaller capacity. 

“The original research into short term memory says we can only remember 5 to 9 pieces of information there at any given time, though more recent experiments suggest it may even be as low as 4!”

Why are we giving biology lesson here?

No, I am not going into the biology of a human mind as this article is about CRM and Cloud Telephony, where we do excel instead of neuroscience.

However, scientists claim that our mind can not remember everything at a time.

Now consider getting tons of leads on your Toll-Free or Virtual Numbers with a lot of scope of getting good revenue from the clients but keeping everything either on your mind or writing the prospects on a piece of paper, which you can lose any time you put it somewhere.

No business wants to lose any prospective client just because some employee forgets to take a followup with the prospect.

Let’s consider one more scenario where your star sales or support person leaves the company and all the data provided to him was on his mind or written in some personal diary, which you can not access anymore.

What are your options in these scenarios? 

Will you go to a psychiatrist or hypnotist to get the data out of your mind in case one and pursue the employee to give back all the data in case two?

No, both the options are absurd. The best option for you is to use a CRM to maintain the leads received on your Cloud Telephony number or generated through other sources.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses to gain an insight into the behavior of their customers and streamline their offerings to serve every customer in the best possible way. 

In short, CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers and to capitalize on improved customer relations. The more you know about your customers, the more responsive you can be to their needs.

It is essential to maintain the complete life-cycle of a client in the CRM. From lead generation (Web, Telephony, Email) to Pre-Sales (Proposal, Followups, Requirement Analysis, Invoicing) to Post-Sales (Support and Retention).

Can any CRM work?

Yes and No.

Though there are many Cloud Telephony service providers are in the market who will provide you an integration with almost all the popular CRMs in the market. However, it requires you to pay for IVR services as well as for the CRM.

Why should you pay for two services to maintain the leads received from a cloud telephony service?

Although these third-party CRM integrations will give you access to all the market leaders and for that, you have to shell out a lot of money, and yet it will not give you a native experience.

However, when you use the CRM provided by Cloud Telephony service provider itself, then you will get the best experience of both the services and will save you money too. 

After all, the primary point of using the Cloud Telephony is to save money and not to waste it.

Like the above image, get the caller’s details even before accepting the call right on your screen.

But do you really need a CRM with Cloud Telephony?

100% Yes!! IVR is used to handle the calls automatically around the clock, even when you are sleeping or enjoying your vacation. 

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to use a tool to keep a log of everything accurately.

It should also give you analytics like the number of sales calls, support calls, missed calls, repeated calls, etc.

Unless these details are correctly maintained, you can not use the telephony to increase your business and will limit it’s possibilities to just attending the calls and checking the logs.

So, if you are in the market to buy a telephony solution then do ensure that your service provider gives you a full fledged CRM solution along with the telephony and not just a telephone number to attend the calls.

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