Why do a small business need a toll free number?

We have written many times about what is Toll Free number and how you can get a toll free number for your business. But why do you need a toll free number for your small business?

There is no use of the Toll free number if you want to transfer all the calls to your mobile number or office landline number and keep missing the valuable leads due to non-availability of the resources to handle the calls.

As with any service you get for your business unless you are using it correctly, you will not get any benefits out of it.

We generally get the calls on our sales toll free number that “We want a cheap toll free number,” “we need cheapest call rates,” etc., where customers don’t understand the benefits of having a toll free number.

They want it because every other business in their competition or neighborhood is having one. But this is not how it works in real life with real business.

A Toll Free number is a branding tool, which gives your business a unique identity and tells your customers that you care for them. You are available round the clock for them, and you don’t want them to pay to contact you.

So what do you need to get a Toll Free number work for your business?

If you are offering a Toll Free number for your customers to connect with your business, then ensure that all the calls are handled properly and get answered around the clock.

Businesses never sleep, so do ensure whenever your customer calls you, someone must attend the call or at least inform them that you are closed for business at this hour and then call them back in proper business hours.

You can achieve 24×7 availability through an IVR system. With Cloud Telephony solutions like Ziffy, you never have to worry about implementing or buying expensive IVR solutions for your business.

Since Ziffy is offering the IVR service on the cloud, you can use your Toll Free number with Ziffy IVR solution in a matter of minutes.

You can learn more about IVR solution from here.

Now the question is why do you even need a toll free number for your business?

Toll Free number with an interactive IVR can work wonder for your business.

  1. It makes you available 24×7, even when you are sleeping.
  2. It makes your business sounds and feels big.
  3. Since it is free for callers, they never think twice to call your number, whenever and for whatever they need.
  4. Never miss a business call again. All requests are appropriately logged.

As I said earlier also, a Toll Free number without a proper way to handle calls won’t do any good for your business. An IVR is must with a toll free number.

If you are looking for a Toll Free number for your business with IVR service than call 1800-123-3733 or 9554443322 and our IVR experts will help you in setting the one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative post about Toll Free Number, Tushar. Toll free number is a necessity of every small business. It’s helps businesses to allow their customers to call them Free and more importantly its easy to remember, one number for every communication.

    Thanks once again.

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