Why is Toll Free Number 1800 Essential For Education Sector?

Why is Toll Free Number essential for Education Industry

Toll Free Numbers were first introduced in 1960s and from then till now Toll Free Numbers has become the most important way of branding for every sector especially Education Sector . Toll Free Number has become a critical solution or branding , marketing and customer interaction. More than 40 million users use Toll Free Numbers today . For Education Sector where keeping a record of every detail is very important.

Free To Contact For Callers

Everyone knows that Toll Free Number 1800 is free to contact and when it comes to Education Sector Why should a student pay for the enquiry which he has to make for the admission. If you are having a Toll Free Number 1800 you will see an increase in the number of enquiry  being made via the telephone.

Record Of All Calls

By Toll Free Number it is easy to maintain record of all calls. When at the time of admission you receive frequent calls it is very difficult to maintain data. Toll Free Number makes your work of maintaining records easy and you will never miss a call.

Security For Parents

If the student is minor parents would be need to ensure that their ward is in safe hands so if they want to know anything about them they can easily contact you and as Toll Free Number 1800 give a feature of  call transfer to different departments they can be in touch with any department by just one call.

Call Recording Facility

If you are having a Toll Free Number you can record your call and since all the conversations are recorded , you can playback the mp3 files,  to learn what changes you can make to better your dialogue with students and prospects.

Most importantly, this is a hosted service and therefore there is no requirement of infrastructure. The numbers that you are provided with are virtual and can be activated on your existing land line or mobile number.


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