Why It is High Time to Shift Your Business to the Clouds?

Advantages of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony: What is It?

Prior to discussing its advantages to small and medium enterprises, let us first simplify the term: Cloud telephony. Basically, cloud telephony refers to the voice services. This technology allows you to make and receive calls and SMSes anywhere and at anyplace without the need of wires or set up costs. You can receive and make calls using your existing mobile or landline number. Given here are the top ten advantages of taking your business to the cloud.

Most Cost-effective Way to Cater Your Client’s Needs:

Can you imagine the cost associated with IVR system along with EPABX? You need a fortune for it. You need to invest in buying equipment like routers, softphones, handsets etc. With cloud telephony system, you do not need a device. You can pick up incoming calls and make outgoing calls on your present mobile or landline number. So, you do not need any support or maintenance costs. These number get activated on your existing mobile or landline number.

Reduced Setup Time:

As compared to the time taken for the set up of landline phones, it takes hardly any time to set up a virtual number on a cloud platform. With cloud telephony you can go live on the same day. There are some cloud telephony vendors in the market that activate your services within an hour.

It is Dependable for Hassle free Connectivity:

When you install the conventional landline for your business you need to face downtimes. But, such downtimes are eliminated with the cloud telephony service provider.

IVR System is Absolutely Flexible:

When you purchase IVR service from a vendor and want to change the audio, you can do so.

Scalability During the Marketing Campaign:

Gradual spike in the numbers of calls you need to handle change as per your requirement. When you run an advertising campaign, the number of calls that you can handle grow automatically. Similarly, it shrinks accordingly during inactive periods.

Keep Track of Everything:

With the help of cloud telephony service, you can keep track of your calls and SMSes. You can trace out important things like how many calls you have attended, how many calls are missed, what time of the day you get most of the calls etc. You can record the calls for quality purposes.

Round the Clock Access from Anywhere:

With the help of cloud based telephony, your staff can work anywhere. They can work out of their homes, on the fields and anywhere in the coffee shop etc.

What’s more! with the help of cloud telephony, you can project a big image of your company and have so many other advantages.

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