Why Toll Free 1800 number is better than Click to Call service

Now a days every second webmaster uses a Click-to-Call button on their website, which allows their customers or site users to connect with them free of cost i.e. Toll free but there are some draw backs in it over a traditional and more robust Toll free 1800 number like:

  1. Leads could be missed as the call is initiated after few seconds of submitting the Click to Call form and by that time user could get some other call or change their mood.
  2. Successful connection between the two parties is also not very much possible or reliable every time.
  3. What if customer is on call but the other end i.e. executive or support agent is not responding?
  4. Click-to-Call has very limited audience i.e. who are using Internet and can understand such a concept.
  5. Business are paying two call costs at a time i.e. one to the customer & second to the official end, which makes a minute call cost to Rs 2.4 per minute at least.

On the other hand:

  1. 1800 toll free number is a very useful brand creation tool. Merging this to an IVR system gives you a 24×7 receptionist for your business.
  2. Even a child can call on a 1800 number as it is as simple as dialing any other telephone number.
  3. You can transfer an incoming call on any number in the world, which allows you to display a big company image.
  4. You will be paying a flat price of Rs 2.2 per minute.

Interested in a Toll-Free 1800 number for your business with an IVR? Dial 1800-200-5777 (to request a call back) or Dial 0522-3098080 to connect with our executive directly.