Why Toll Free Numbers Have Started Growing in Popularity Again?


With the growing popularity of flat-rate VOIP calling plans, mobile data, broadband e-commerce etc, there are many who believe that toll free voice industry will just fade away. However, this is far from the truth. Features like unified messaging, personal enhanced services etc. have droved a renewed growth in the industry as the result of which toll free businesses are thriving constantly.

When Did the Toll Free Numbers Actually Come into Being? For What Purpose They Were Used Initially?

It was in the year 1967 that the toll-free voice services which were known as 800 services became an instant hit because of the “free” word attached to it. Since then, toll free numbers have become an effective marketing tool and businesses have started cashing on them for their advertising campaigns. In the year 1993, the FCC made toll free numbers portable and this change had resulted in the further popularity of these numbers as customers were able to switch their toll free numbers while retaining the ownership of their old numbers.

Why the Growth Accelerated Further?

Demand of toll free numbers has grown drastically. Enhanced VOIP services, unified messaging, broadband data, hosted services etc. are the reasons behind its popularity. Toll free numbers are no lesser than a boon to e-commerce sites because they have eased down the ordering process and using them customers can have live interaction with the customer care unit.

No wonder that the toll free numbers you purchase build up your brand image and help your businesses in multiple ways. Big or small, customers are important for every business and toll free numbers bring a large influx of customers. With the help of advanced features, you never miss a single call and can get the ins and outs of customers. So, toll free numbers are valuable as much as your customers.


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