Wondering how to buy / get a 1800 toll-free number in India?

If you are in US or Canada than it’s a matter of minutes to purchase a toll-free number and get it activated with IVR & call forwarding but that’s not the case in India.

The procedure of getting a toll free number in India involves multiple steps like:

1. Get a landline or mobile phone from a company, which has strongest signal and best services in your area. (Total Duration: 2 days to 15 days)

2. Check whether they have Toll-free services or not through enterprise support or sales team. Even if it is available will they allow incoming from all service provider or it is just limited to their customers like BSNL and MTNL. (Duration: 1 day to 1 month)

3. Get the billing plan, which starts from Rs 3000 and goes up to 15,000 per month depending upon the service providers.

4. If, you want to handle multiple calls at a time on your Toll-free get a PRI connection. (Duration: 15 days to 1 month)

5. Do you want to carry a professional image of your company? Then get an IVR system (Cost: Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhs, Duration: 2 days to 1 month).

So, in just 4 months you will be ready with your own tollfree 1800 number. Congrats!! But is that worth the time and money in comparison to U.S. where it can be started in minutes and under Rs 1000/- per month? Not at all!!

So, what is the solution for this?

Ziffy is the solution for this. Yes, we at Ziffy allows you to choose your toll-free number, create an IVR, define forwarding number and start the services in just 15 minutes and for just Rs 750/- per month.

You are free to choose your carrier, mobile or landline, multiple failover numbers, working timings for missed call alerts, 100% logs and get a best self service portal to mange the toll-free service.

How to buy an 1800 toll free number from Ziffy?

Call 0522-3098080 or Dial 1800-200-5777 (for a call back request) to get your services activated.