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Toll free number complete call logs

Call Logs

Every single missed call is loss for business. With Ziffy's real time call logs you can check who is handling calls, how many calls missed, who is not attending the calls in your team and many more matrices.

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Toll free number call recording

Call Recording

Ever wonder how your team handling incoming leads? With call recording you can check the conversation and store it for future use. It is very beneficial in financial market as well as when you want to maintain a quality among your business.

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toll free multi user CRM panel

Multi-User CRM

Having multiple agents attending your incoming calls? We have multi-user CRM panel where they can check call logs, manage their leads, put meeting reminders and even check past conversations. Best of all it can be updated on the go through SMS. No net connectivity required.

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Real Time Call Logs

Real Time Call Logs
Get all the call details in real time. Who called you, how many times, who attended the call, from which geographic location they come from, how many minutes they were on the line. Everything is available in seconds just after the call ended.

Call Recording

Call Recording
Record each and every call and get them on your e-mail. Use them for training purpose or keep them for future reference. Call recording is an optional feature, which can be switched on or off from your panel.

Multi-User CRM Panel

Multi User CRM panel
Ziffy offers multi-user CRM panel to mange your incoming call flow. You can create multiple user under your organisation and they all can login to our CRM panel and check calls assigned or attended by them in real time.

Advance Call Routing

Advance Call Routing

With multiple advance call routing feature you can ensure maximum availability and performance of your tele-agents.

Round Robin (Cyclic): This forwarding type ensures every agent in your call centre will get equal number of incoming calls one by one.

Straight: This forwarding type ensures all calls will be delivered to first specified number and if that number is busy or unavailable then calls will be routed to fail over numbers. 10 failover numbers can be configured.

Parallel: This forwarding type ensures that calls will be delivered to all configured numbers at the same time and any one can pick the call. All other calls will be dropped.

SMS, Email & App Based Alerts

SMS, Email and App Based Alerts

Busy, Couldn't attend the calls. Even don't want to check CRM? Don't worry we will send you SMS, Email and App based push alerts for every call received or missed. So that you can call them back or can store their number for future reference.

We even offer two-way alerts where you can simply reply to the SMS received with call details and it will be updated on the CRM. This feature is best for field staff who can't be on front on computer all the time to mange the CRM.

Ready To Use IVR Widgets

IVR Widgets

Yes, we have plenty of them. Ready to use IVR widgets, which will make your IVR more professional

Call Back Request: Let your callers make a call back request and you will instantly get a SMS & Email alert with the request details. Best if you want to save money on man power and calls.

Complaint: Offering services to your customers? Use this widget to let your registered callers automatically register a complaint for the specified service. Caller will get a SMS with complaint number so as your authorised personnel.

Voicemail: Don't want to attend calls after working hours? Let your caller leave a voice mail and you will get that on your email.

Call Conference: Want to setup a small audio meeting with your customers? Invite them for a tele-conference.

API Calls: Make API calls directly from the IVR and perform actions based on the result.

Free For Callers. More business for you.

Oh! yes, you saw it right. Toll-Free 1800 numbers are completely free for callers. They can talk to you without paying any paisa. But why you should pay for it? That's simple since it is free, customers are more willing to discuss their requirements with you freely.

Toll-Free number is free for caller

Advance Analytics. Make informed decisions.

You want to increase your calling staff but don't know, which time customers calls most, which language they prefer (as per their geographic location), which kind of issue or requirement they discuss, how well your tele-executive handling the calls. All these and many more such analytical reports will help you to make informed decisions.

Advance call analytics

Free IVR Hosting. Automate your call flow.

Forward your calls to different departments or to different executives based on caller input, time, geographic location. Even if you miss any call we will inform you about the caller details via SMS or email or through our mobile APP. You can build super complex IVRs in matter of minutes.

Free IVR hosting with our toll free number plans

Auto Fail-Over. No busy tones ever.

Running a campaign and out of people who can attend the calls? How many times you missed the call because you were already talking to someone else over the phone or was on leave or couldn't attend the call for x number of reasons. With our auto-fail safe call forwarding your calls will be transferred to next available agent.

Robust telecom infrastructure, never miss a call

No Infrastructure Required. Fully managed solution.

Receive 10 calls or 10,000 calls per day, you don't have to worry about the infrastructure, CAPEX or management of the network. We will build it for you, manage it and pay for it. You just concentrate on your business and let us handle the telecom part. Cloud telephony is boon to small to big companies who don't want to fell into the nitty-gritty of managing a telecom network.

Fully managed cloud telephony services.

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