Auto-reply SMS helps in building brand recall value. Since IVR is play and forget kind of service i.e. customer calls on your number, talk to your agent or get some information and disconnects the call but it won't help the caller to recall the conversation.

With auto-reply acknowledgement SMS you can send the information to your caller for future consumption.

Some of the use case could involve:

  • Sending thanks for calling message
  • Send contact address or phone numbers
  • Send your website link or app download link
  • Send coupon codes or discount offers
  • Sending exam results based on IVR input

Auto-reply SMS can be dynamic i.e., response is received via an API request from your database or it can be static i.e., a fixed response for everyone.

Dynamic responses are good when you want to send some information to your caller depending upon his IVR inputs like when a student punch in his roll-number, he will get the result by SMS.

All SMS sent are charged @ Rs 0.3 per SMS.