Real-time call logs allows you to get a feel of the responses you are getting on your IVR number.

In our call logs screen you can check the date and time of the call, caller's number, receiver's number & name, State from which the call was originated, call duration, application used by the caller i.e., Call ended on IVR or Answered or Cancelled, etc.

Not only you can check these reports, you can also download them or can run a SMS campaign based on your query like:

  • Send SMS to all whom call was missed on 24th April.
  • Send SMS to all whom call was answered by agent ABC.
  • Send SMS with a discount code where the call was originated from Mumbai.

Call logs are also very important if you want to analyse the call flow. For example, you can check, which department is getting most calls and the reason behind that or you can analyse the call flow handling of the agents i.e., how many calls are answered, average call duration, ideal time of the agent.

If you are running some campaign then you can also analyse the campaign data for leads received, new vs old callers, junk calls, etc.