Call Back Request

Call Back Request is a widget, which allows your caller to request for a call back instead of live call transfer.

When expecting huge number of calls it is advisable to activate this feature so that even if you don't have requisite number of agents to handle the calls, you can still get the details of genuine callers.

All call back requests will be sent you through email on your registered email ID with the caller's number and call time.

You can activate call back request widget on any IVR option menu. For example,

Welcome to Ziffy. We appreciate your call and if you want to schedule a call back please press 1.

Complaint Widget

Receiving complaints on IVR make the whole process faster, cheaper and 24x7 available, unlike manual process where everything depends on the agent who is receiving the call and his availability .

While activated on an IVR menu it automatically generates a Complaint number and announce the same to the caller. System will also send a SMS to the caller (if activated) with the complaint number for their reference. Similarly an email and SMS will also be sent to the agent.


Click-To-Call is a Website widget sometimes referred as Request-a-Call. It is a small image (button), which can be installed on any webpage of your website.

An end user enters his phone number through a web dialog box, then an Ziffy's server calls both that end user and the your agent or other respective third party, and connects the two together for an ordinary telephone conversation. It is instructive to think of this implementation as the familiar three-party call, or conference call.

Click-to-call is very useful where you want to connect with your website users instantly, without having them dial any number.

Duplicate Call Barring

Toll Free numbers are prone to multiple calls from callers because they are free to call and caller doesn't have to pay anything. However, the case is different for the businesses.

Multiple calls for a caller congest the available channels, wastes time of the agent and inflates the bill for the business.

With Ziffy's DCB (Duplicate Call Barring) you can set the allowed calls by they same number in particular time duration. You can set from 1 minute to 24 hours i.e., the caller can not connect again after initial call with your IVR unless the set time period has been passed.

Geographic Routing

Say, you have three different call centres in three different states and you want all the calls originate from a particular state automatically lands on the call centre handling that state.

This is where Ziffy's Geographic Call Routing comes to play. It ensures (up to 80% accuracy) to route the calls originates from a particular state lands on the office assigned to handle those calls.

This feature helps in breaking language barrier and decongest the channels by distributing the calls according to their origin.

It is a premium enterprise feature, please ask with our sales representative if you want this feature.

Geographic Barring

Geographic barring helps you in controlling the unwanted incoming call flow. For example, if you are based in Mumbai and you cater only to Mumbai market then there is no point getting calls from Delhi or Chennai where you can not server the customers.

In such cases you can enable the Geographic Barring feature on the IVR, which enables you to limit the states from which you can receive the calls. All others calls will be blocked from landing on IVR.

For all such blocked calls you will still be charged at Rs 0.1 per call. A saving of almost 99%.

Holiday Mode

As the name implies this feature is for Holidays and valid for 24 hours from the time of activation of the feature.

When holiday mode is active your IVR number will work as a Missed Call number i.e., all your incoming calls will be blocked but still you will get the data on the MIS panel.

This feature is very useful when your office is closed due to some holiday and you don't want any call to land on the IVR.

This feature can be enabled only thrice in a month for 24 hours each time.

Live Call Transfer

Live Call Transfer enables your agents to forward an incoming call to some other agent while they are on call.

This feature is very useful when a caller by mistake selected the wrong department and instead of asking him to dial the number again and go through all the IVR menus the call can be transferred to the respective department by just dialling # key and the department number while they are on the call.

Maximum Call Duration

Some callers just don't stop talking and it is a pretty expensive affair on a Toll Free number when the business is paying for the call.

You can set maximum call duration for your inbound calls and once the call duration reaches to that limit, the call will be dropped automatically.

Max call duration works great in conjunction with Duplicate call barring, if you want to save cost.

This limit doesn't apply when the caller is on IVR but once the call is transferred to some agent the counter will start ticking.

Sticky Agent

A Sticky Agent is a feature which helps a customer to connect to the same sales agent again and again directly whenever he calls and this eases work of both the party. The benefit of adding a sticky agent is that whenever your customer calls you, they don't have to explain the same query or problem again.


Text To Speech

Text to Speech is a automated text reader, which can read any given text. TTS is widely used in conjunction with APIs where a dynamic text needs to be read out to the caller.

Ziffy currently support only English language for Text to Speech.

Voice Mail

Voice mail widget allows your callers to leave you a recorded message instead of talking to you directly.

There are multiple ways to use Voice Mail in IVR

  • Unanswered Call: You can enable Voice mail when there is no agent available to handle the call.
  • For calls landed on IVR after working hours are over
  • As a permanent IVR menu option

The recorded message will be sent to your registered email id as a MP3 file.

Welcome Greeting

For a business to step ahead of their competitors and to make its presence differently in the market, you need a toll-free number that offers IVR recording. An IVR recording is like a front door to your business – it’s the first thing callers hear and people see. Whenever a caller calls you, he will be greeted by an IVR message which plays based on the recording you want.

When you call a company says XYZ, a recording gets played on the phone. This recording is like a welcome message which a caller hears when he calls your company. This welcome message makes the caller feel good about your company and forms a good image.


Thanks for calling Ziffy. Please hold while we are transferring your call.