Record all the calls or selected call to evaluate agents proficiency in handling the call or to just keep a record of all the conversations.

Benefits of call recording:

  1. Works as a note taking service, where you can listen back the recording and take notes, which you might have missed in online call.
  2. Learn how efficient your staff is. By listing to recorded call you can understand the flaws of your staff while communicating with the customers.
  3. Make your product more useful for your customers by understanding how they are using it and what kind of issues they are facing.
  4. Call recording makes your staff more attentive as they know that calls are being recorded and may be listened back in team meetings or by superiors.
  5. Its a good tool for reference check. If a call is forwarded to a new agent then he can always listen to old recording to understand the customer's issue.

Call recording are stored on our server for 48 hours and users can download them to keep them on their system for a longer period.