Wondering whose call you have just missed? No, not any more. With Ziffy's IVR service you will get SMS and Email based alerts for all the calls you receive or missed, with call time, date, caller's number and sometime the department name.

Cloud Telephony is all about mobility and Missed & received call alerts via SMS enables the agent to call back the caller in case the call was disconnected in the middle of the conversation and agent is not at their desk to check the call logs.

These alerts via SMS are also very important due to the nature of Cloud Telephony in India where the forwarded call is usually routed via the Cloud Telephony service provider's PRI, which masks the caller's number from the agent. Therefore it is necessary to get the caller's details via some medium, which is easily accessible.

While email alerts are free, SMS alerts are charged according to your IVR billing plan SMS rates.