Benefit of setting working hours

The main benefit of setting up your working hours on the IVR is to inform the caller when to expect their calls to be forwarded to an agent and when it is time to call back again.

Once, it is set then after the IVR (before the call is being forwarded to an agent) the caller will listen an audio prompt informing the caller that "Our working hours are over, please call back again later".

After working hours forwarding number

Say a company XYZ has working hours between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, so till now all calls received after and before this timing goes into Missed Calls, but now they can setup an “after working hour number” where all there calls will be forwarded once their working hours are over.

So now our customers have three options:

  1. Block incoming after working hours.
  2. Play IVR but stop forwarding after working hours.
  3. Play IVR and forward all their calls to some different number.

Kindly note menu wise options will not work in this case i.e. If you have set menu wise forwarding like press 1 for sales on number 12345 or press 2 for support on 123456 than this will not work on “after working hour forwarding” and all calls will be forwarded to a single number as mentioned in this option.