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IVR service providers like Ziffy are boon to small & medium enterprise. Cloud Telephony provides best scalability and redudancy for Toll Free IVR and Virtual IVR numbers. Ziffy cloud telephony provides upto 99% uptime S.L.A which no other IVR service provider could match.

Who We Are

In last eight years, Ziffy has become synonymous with IVR services. With clientele like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Prism, Magzter, Dabur, etc., we cater customers from Fortune 500 to companies with annual revenue of fewer than ten lakhs.

Ziffy has pioneered the IVR services with a feature list, which includes over 20 cost saving and professional features.

Ziffy's has one of the biggest and most advance telephony platform available in India, and it gives Ziffy a distinct advantage over other IVR service providers.

Our product list includes Bulk SMS, Virtual 10-digit IVR numbers, Toll-Free 1800 Numbers, Transactional SMS, Missed Call Service on Virtual & Toll-Free numbers.

Product Timeline