What is Missed Call Service?

Ever gave a missed call to your friend or relative just to give a nod for their question, or to call them downstairs, while you are waiting in your car? Yes, this is how easy it is.

Missed Call service allows you to connect with your user base and get their contact details free of cost, easily and instantly.

  • Customer sees an Ad or got a coupon with your Missed Call Number.
  • Customer gives a missed call on your published number.
  • Ziffy registers the caller's number in your database.
  • Customer gets an automated reply SMS or a callback.
  • Data is available to download from the Ziffy's MIS panel or you can run a SMS campaign directly from there.

Why do you need a Missed Call Number?

India is a price conscious country. People are reluctant to even spend 50 paise on a call if they have doubts in their mind. Missed call numbers are normal 1800 Numbers or 10-digit virtual numbers, which allow businesses to capture customer leads without being charged like a toll free number and letting their customers to reach them free of cost just by giving a missed call.

Missed call numbers are also very popular for marketing campaigns where in a very short duration huge number of calls are expected e.g. Radio ads, News paper ads etc.

Missed Call Number Types

Missed Call Service On 1800 Toll Free Number

A 1800 toll free number for a missed call gives your brand a recognition. Learn More...

Missed Call Service On 10-Digit Virtual Mobile Number

10-digit Virtual mobile number for missed calls are easy to setup and costs less then a 1800 Toll free Missed call number. Learn More...

Our Features

Customer Support

24x7 ticket based customer support.

Unlimited Calls

Receive unlimited#3 calls.

SMS Acknowledgement

Send SMS based alerts to your callers.

Real-time Alerts

Get alerts for Missed & Recevied calls on your mobile.

Call Logs

Check call analytics in real-time.

IVR Widgets

Ready to use widgets for Complaint management, etc.

Multi-User CRM

Access to CRM for every agent.

Cost Management

Blacklisting & Working Hours setup for cost management.

and more...

No huge setup cost. Pay monthly or yearly with pay-as-you-go billing. Plan starts from Rs 2499 per month.
Get the service activated within minutes of KYC document verification.
Access your data from anywhere in the world with user based access and real-time reporting.

Premium Features

Free for callers, Advance call management, No CAPEX or infrastructure requirement with auto-fail over feature makes the Ziffy's Toll Free number offering best in the market.

Along with all the above features, Ziffy also provide API access to manage the call flow and to integrate with different third party softwares and CRM. With Ziffy's IVRS API you can link the calls with any Social Media platform, CRM, ERP or even to HRMS.

Ziffy is one of the India's leading Missed call service provider, handling over a million missed calls per day for our clients.

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