Monthly Basic₹ 999

  • Monthly Rental: ₹ 999
  • ₹ 999 Free Call Value / Month
  • Setup: ₹ 500
  • Security: ₹ 999
  • Total ₹ 2,498
  • Tax (GST) ₹ 450
  • Total: ₹ 2,948/-
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Now get a Toll-Free / Virtual number for your business with a professional IVR for just Rs 999 per month and also get a similar value as free call value to subsidize your incoming calls.

Setup Charges

There is a one-time setup charge (non-refundable) of ₹ 500 for the activation of the services.

Security Amount

₹ 999 will be charged towards as your credit limit. This is the maximum limit of your bill amount.

GST Amount

18% GST will be charged for the payment, and it is included in the payable amount.

Initially, you will have to pay Rs 2,948/- which will include Setup & Security (one time, non-refundable), GST (18%) and one-month advance rental.

From second month onward you will have to pay Rs 999 as monthly rental for the toll-free and the usage charges (after deducting Rs 999 of free call value). Check FAQs below for call rates.

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Please note: This plan is only available for online purchase from this page only.

Toll Free / Virtual Number IVR Monthly Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Above Toll Free IVR number pricing are on monthly basis payable in advance of the calendar month and usage bills are generated on monthly basis after the end of the billing cycle, which you have to pay within 3 days of bill generation.

Security amount is your credit limit i.e., the maximum amount till, which your account will accept calls and once that limit is reached your account will be temporarily suspended. The security amount is ₹ 999.

Security or credit limit is the maximum amount till, which you will be billed. Once your usage reached to your credit limit your services will be stopped until you increase your credit limit. This feature keeps you safe from the bill shock as you will always remain in control.

Same plan is available for Toll Free and Virtual Number. In Toll-Free Number the call rates will be Rs 2.6 per minute and in Virtual Number the call rates will be Rs 1 per minute.

Technically, government of India owns the number. We lease the Toll Free number from the Telecom Service provider to incorporate IVR services over it. So, till you are paying the monthly rental, you have the access of the number and after that we release it back to the TSP.

No, Toll Free IVR numbers are only meant to receive calls. You can not use this number to call somebody.

Sorry, this is an enterprise solution and we do not offer the service to individuals.

Yes, call recordings is free in this billing plan.

Yes, SMS alerts and acknowledgement SMS are free in this billing plan.

Free call value is the amount, which we give you as discount in your monthly usage billing. For example, if your plan has Rs 999 Free Call Value per month and your monthly usage is Rs 1,200 then you will get Rs 999 discount and you will have to pay Rs 201 + taxes only.

No, all government taxes e.g., GST @ 18% will be charged over the rental and usage amount.

Once, we get the payment confirmation, you will get a call from our activation team for further processing of the order. Usually it will take 4-5 working hours. They will give you five random numbers to choose from for the activation.

Activation will take around 8-10 hours, which includes the payment confirmation, KYC process and number selection.

ID and Address proof of the authorised signatory, Copy of GST certificate, PAN card of the company and a scan copy of PO along with payment decleration form mentioning the last 4 digits of the card used to pay for the activation and the payment amount from the card holder himself (self attested).

You can renew your Toll-Free number from the MIS panel's Billing section. Renwal should be done before the expiry date or your account will be deleted on the expiry date. A reconnection fee of Rs 2,000 will be applied if you want to renew it after expiry of your billing plan.

Renewal can be done through Debit or Credit card or through net banking via Billing section of our web panel. A 4% processing fee will be applied on the total due amount apart from the GST (18%). Offline payments to bank via NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, etc., are not accepted for this plan.