X'Mas Offer₹ 999 monthly

Basic₹ 1,599 monthly

Advance₹ 5,999 monthly

Toll Free IVR Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Now a days Toll Free Numbers are cheap. Before you decide to get a 1800 Toll Free number for your business from an IVR service provider like Ziffy, you may have some questions in mind. We have jot down some of these questions and their answers below for your convenience.

Ziffy issues all the numbers directly on the customer's name. You will be the owner of the number from day one, unlike other service providers who buy the number on their own name and at the end blackmails their customers for renewals.

The charges mentioned here are for the IVR service. Since, the number will be on your name, you will have to pay all the toll free charges and monthly rental to the telecom operator directly. We will charge you for the IVR service only.

After three months of service, if you feel that you do not require the service any more then you can cancel the subscription and can get up to 50% of rental amount paid back. No questions asked.

As a special deal for the Ziffy's customers the telecom operator will charge you a monthly rental of Rs 999 per month (postpaid, payable monthly), with a call rate of Rs 1.49 per minute.

All of the above Toll Free IVR number pricing are on monthly basis but are billed on yearly basis. You have to pay the yearly rental at the time of activation and usage bills are generated on monthly basis.

Our Rs 999/month offering is the cheapest Toll Free IVR plan available in the market. Many times our customers ask how can we able to provide the Toll Free IVR service so cheap, while others are charging bomb for it? The answer is simple, we pass on the benefits of being totally cloud based service provider. Instead of running 50 offices and putting money on marketing we pass the pricing benefit to our customers who in return do our marketing in way of word of mouth publicity and referrals.

All our plans are billed on yearly basis otherwise mentioned specifically.

Security or credit limit is the maximum amount till, which you will be billed. Once your usage reached to your credit limit your services will be stopped until you increase your credit limit. This feature keeps you safe from the bill shock as you will always remain in control.

Technically, government of India owns the number. We lease the Toll Free number from the Telecom Service provider to incorporate IVR services over it. So, till you are paying the monthly rental, you have the access of the number and after that we release it back to the TSP.

No, Toll Free IVR numbers are only meant to receive calls. You can not use this number to call somebody.

Sorry, this is an enterprise solution and we do not offer the service to individuals.

No, call recordings are being charged according to the billing plan.

Free call value is the amount, which we give you as discount in your monthly usage billing. For example, if your plan has Rs 1,000 Free Call Value per month and your monthly usage is Rs 1,200 then you will get Rs 1,000 discount and you will have to pay Rs 200 + taxes only.

FUP means Fair Usage Policy. This is the maximum number of minutes allowed per day and after that the number of channels will be limited to one for rest of the day.

No, all government taxes e.g., GST @ 18% will be charged over the rental amount.