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Toll Free Across India
Perfect branding tool. 1800-YOUR-BRAND numbers are perfect branding tool because they are unique, easy to remember and toll-free across India. Your callers will never pay for the calls made on this number.
Free IVR & Auto Attendant
All your calls will be handled automatically with a customised greeting and then calls are forwarded to pre-defined recipient depending upon caller's input. 
Missed Call Alerts via SMS & Email
Each and every call is logged in our system i.e. at the times when you are not able to attend your incoming calls our system will send you a SMS reminding about the missed call.
Call Recording
Record full conversations that can be downloaded any time. Best for business transactions, which are based on telephonic conversations only like order placement or e-commerce transactions.
Unable to attend the call? Don't worry and let your customers send you a recorded audio clip instead.
Advance Call Forwarding
Define your own call forwarding rules, blacklist and whitelist. You can also set failover numbers so that your customer can contact you no matter what the situation is.
Click To Call
Click-to-call service allows you to connect with your website visitors and turning them in to paid customers.
Detailed Reports and Analysis
Do you have any idea how many of your incoming leads are missed by your tele-executives? Do you know how many calls you receive on daily basis with detailed analysis?

We have ready charts with all those data as well as daily e-mail alerts with important matrices.
Available 24x7, 365 Days
Our system works 24x7, so even when you are sleeping or out for a family hangout, Ziffy keep handling your business calls.
Cloud Telephony
No buzz words... in simple layman term, Ziffy lets you free from the hassles of managing and setting up telecom infrastructure at your end.

Receive one or million of calls, our system will handle every call by automatically assigning resources as required.

Why Cheap Toll Free Number is must for your small business?

When you are a start up, then every cost matters, every Rupee spent on acquiring a customers goes out from your own pocket. We understand that and therefore got the cheapest toll free number plan for your small business in India.

Every one should buy a toll free number for their small business, which can help their business to acquire and attain maximum RoI. Some of the benefits of having a toll free number for small business are:

  1. Super cheap toll free number for your business branding.
  2. You can buy a toll free number in few minutes through cloud telephony service providers like Ziffy.
  3. Free for callers and you pay cheapest rates for incoming calls, which will give more customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.
  4. Since our toll free number in India comes with free IVR service you will never miss a single business call again even at the non-working hours.
50% off
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Confused? Why should you buy toll-free?
The dilemma of owning a full setup or outsource the infrastructure is always confusing. We have simplified the process so that you can take the decision easily. Click here to check our small presentation about Cloud Telephony.

Cheapest Toll Free Number

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