Toll Free 1800 Number + IVR

For Rs 2,000 per month

No Long Term Commitment

Running a business is already very tough then why to waste money on resources, which you do not need?

We do not believe in charging our customers more. The whole point of moving to Cloud Telephony is to save cost. There is no minimum commitment.

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls

Receive as much as calls you can. We do not limit the number of simultaneous calls or number of agents ( the person who can receive the call).

Just focus on marketing your business & let us handle the infrastructure to manage the calls.

Generate Leads On Your Website Too

Cloud Telephony, IVR, Toll Free Numbers they are best used in an offline world like on hoardings, print media, etc.

But how to generate and engage leads on your website? We have a tool for that too, and it comes free with our IVR service subscription.

Track On-Field Staff In A jiffy

Our 360-degree solution also includes an app to track your on-field staff in real time (FREE for our subscribers).

So, generate leads through IVR & Toll Free Numbers, Manage & Route Leads through and Track them in real time.