What is Transactional SMS?

In India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority has categorised SMS in two verticals.

  1. Transactional SMS
  2. Promotional SMS

The transactional SMS are Machine-to-Person in nature and are sent when a transaction is completed.

Machine-to-Person means, these messages are sent automatically after an X event is performed, where X could be any event.

For example, when you purchase an item from the store so at the time of invoice generation you may get a SMS, which informs you about the transaction and the paid amount. Similarly, you may get an SMS from your bank or credit card company about the debit transaction from your account for that particular invoice.

In both the case when an SMS is sent at the time of invoice generation & when the bank sent you an SMS informing the debit transaction they were triggered automatically by the machine and not sent by any person.

What is the use of Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS can be used in the variety of situations;

  • Sending OTP (One Time Password) to the users
  • Informing a billing transaction
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Informing about delivery/service status
  • Sending information for an event to existing customers
  • And many more...
The use of transactional SMS is not limited to the above, but it should always be kept in mind that the content of the SMS should not violate the TRAI NCCP guidelines.

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Transactional SMS are not meant for promotional purpose and their usage is limited to the guidelines issued by the TRAI and DoT, India. Ziffy supports six characters sender ID (brand name) subject to approval from the operator.