What is Virtual Number Service?

A virtual number is a normal 10-digit mobile number e.g. +91 92129 92129 except it offers more features and better call management than a normal mobile number.

In VMN (Virtual Mobile Number or 10-Digit Number), the caller and the called party both pays for the call however, the charges are distributed among them. Since both parties are paying for the call it is more easy on pocket for businesses and also reduces the spam calls.

Generally the number is issued by the Cloud Telephony provider but your own number can also be used as an Virtual number though it is not recommended due to various reasons.

Difference Between Virtual Number & IVR Number?

Practically both are same. IVR number is a number on, which you are playing an IVR and it can be a Virtual number like a 10-digit mobile number or it can be a Toll Free number like 1800-123-7774.

So either you call it a Virtual IVR number or a Toll Free IVR number. When just an IVR number is referenced then it means we are talking about a number on which IVR is being played.

Check what is IVR?

How Virtual Number Works With Ziffy Cloud Telephony?

Ziffy not only just provide the Virtual number but also enables your business number with an IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) along with the scalability and redundancy of very high end telephony infrastructure worth lakhs of Rupees in just few hundred Rupees billed on monthly basis.

When you use a simple mobile number as your business number then you miss the intelligent IVR system and it is prone to loose many business calls for the reasons like "Out of coverage area", "Called party is busy on other call", "Receiver is on leave" or simply the "Receiver is not interested in taking the calls".

With Ziffy, you will get an intelligent IVR system, which makes your call flow more efficient and your team more productive. Many of the tasks can be automated or distributed depending upon the user's input.

For example, when a caller presses 1 the call will be forwarded to Sales, when pressed 2 the call will be transferred to Support. Also, in every option call can be forwarded to multiple users at a time or can be forwarded depending upon the availability of the agent. It can also be configured to automatically create support ticket numbers or fetch data from a CRM and announce to the caller depending upon the caller's number.

All the calls are logged automatically, system can check the availability of the agents and forward the calls based on that, send alerts on missed calls or even announce a "Working hours over" message over the call.

Benefits of Ziffy's Virtual Number With IVR

You will save cost... a lot of it. No ongoing expenses, No overhead, control your expenses and improve your agent's productivity with Ziffy's Intelligent IVRS.

Ziffy provides you redundant routes to accept and transfer your calls with 99% uptime S.L.A#2 a lot more then what any other service provider gives. Ziffy deploys a nation-wide network of redundant connectivity with operators to provide best uptime, connectivity and scalability.

With a moment notice you can increase the number of channels (simultaneous calls) to 1,80,000 per minute (depending upon your plan) without typing a single word on your computer.

Since, you don't have to maintain any server, database, EPABX or network eventually it will save lot of your's time and money along with the man-power.

Our Features

Customer Support

24x7 ticket based customer support.

Call Recordings

Listen to calls in future.

SMS Acknowledgment

Send SMS based alerts to your callers.

Real-time Alerts

Get alerts for Missed & Received calls on your mobile.

Call Logs

Check call analytics in real-time.

IVR Widgets

Ready to use widgets for Complaint management, etc.

Multi-User CRM

Access to CRM for every agent.

Cost Management

Blacklisting & Working Hours setup for cost management.

and more...

No huge setup cost. Pay monthly or yearly with pay-as-you-go billing. Plan starts from Rs 2499 per month.
Get the service activated within minutes of KYC document verification.
Access your data from anywhere in the world with user based access and real-time reporting.

Frequently Asked Question About Virtual Number

No, you cannot receive any SMS on Virtual Number provided by Ziffy.

No, since we do not allow receiving SMS on the Virtual Numbers, you can not use it with WhatsApp. Also, it is in violation of our Terms of Service to use the Virtual Number provided by Ziffy to use it for any two-way communication.

We have a seperate WhatsApp Virtual Number plans, which can be used with WhatsApp Business API. To know more about it please contact us on +91 92129 92129

No, since we do not allow receiving SMS on the Virtual Numbers, you can not use it to receive OTP. Also, it is in violation of our Terms of Service to use the Virtual Number provided by Ziffy to use it for any two-way communication.

The number belongs to Ziffy and we only provide IVR service masked with the Virtual Number. The owner of the number will be ZNI Wireless Pvt Ltd.

No, you cannot make any international or national calls through this number. Virtual numbers provided by Ziffy is only meant for receiving the calls.

Ziffy procure the numbers from different operators depending upon the telecom service. You can get the exact operator of the number after getting the service.

Yes, you can get the ownership of the number (conditions apply), provided the mobile operator allows the same. In most cases it can be done pretty easily.

No, it is not a VOIP number and we do not support any communication or call forwarding on VOIP platform.

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